Truck Loader 4 Game

Out of the many solid flash games that may come to someone’s mind,there is actually one able to make a difference,and it is no other than Truck Loader 4. It is a puzzle game with extremely fun to play with physics, developed by Alexey Davydov and created precisely for what flash titles should be made of to hook gamers up on the spot. Regarding the gameplay, players take control of a forklift and their job is to load the crates to the truck.

More About Truck Loader

When progressing through the levels, this simple-looking task will start becoming more and more difficult. The game is played using the mouse to select the type of action to perform, as well as A,D or left arrow, right arrow to move the forklift, and also W to force it to jump.

Truck Loader 4 has the option to boast about having many advantages as an online flash game. First of all, the biggest positive of them all is also the most controversial subject of the game and that is its physics. Sure they may sometimes feel like making it impossible for some players to complete a mission -hence why it is “controversial”- but that is hardly a bad thing after all a more difficult game can be ten times more satisfying than an easier one. However,despite the fact that this physics issue has been brought up many times in online topics regarding this title, its controls are not hard to learn and this is another crucial advantage. What I mean by this is that users will only have to remember to hit a couple of keyboard keys in order to play. Adding to these, another positive feature of it is that it provides gamers with an ok amount of levels, with the number of them being thirty. Such a quantity of missions could be considered as “pleasant”, although speaking frankly it could have been better.

As far as the negatives of this game are concerned, the only possible one’s are two. With the first one being by some people its physics, that were mentioned before and do not have to be pointed out again and the second one its repetitiveness. To further analyse the second drawback, players will surely feel that this title may not have anything else to offer to the apart from what it already does and as a result make them lose any interest they had in it and quit playing it.

To sum up Truck Loader 4 is a flash game which can not only make you be obsessed with it  but also make you feel very angry while playing it. Yet despite these flaws it still is a great title overall. Definitely one to not be missed.