Truck Loader 2 Game

Truck loader 2 is a flash game developed based on science as its logic. It is a freeware game and has been developed by Alexey Davidov and Anton Subochev These are individual games and should be played by individual and not in a group. Playing this game will improve analytical skills and also the logical skills since these games are developed using science as background. With the numerous technology lot of games are being created each and every day, in that most of the games will get succeed and few may be failure.

Truck Loader Game Version 2 Idea

Games are not only for time pass, fun and entertainment but also it will enhance the learning skills. Truck loader 2 is also one of that game in which we can learn many things, this is a game of skills and analysis. Relax yourself with these kind of games. In the beginning it looks very easy game. The screen is loaded with a scenario of a construction site, with truck, boxes and magnetic forklift truck. The role of the player is to control the forklift truck, with the help of magnet in the truck we should load the boxes to certain position in the truck as indicated in the game instruction on the screen.

Truck loader 2 has 20 levels, each level has variety of twists and challenges. It is excited to play on each and every level. You will be excited to enter to next level with same spirit. It is quite additive game to play. Truck loader 2 is an important game for children for their analytical skills development since they have to analyze how to control the truck and how to carry the boxes to certain position in the truck.

At the same time co-ordination between hand and eyes are required because player needs to constantly be on the eye of awaiting twist. The goal of the game is to load the truck with the boxes. We should be careful with the crates, since they may be fragile sometime. So attention is required while moving the fragile objects.

Loader Game Instruction

Use your mouse to control the magnetic truck and use the arrow keys or WASD key to move the tractor or to make it jump. Up arrow or space bar is used for jumping. AD and other arrow keys are used to move. R is to restart and RR is used for quick restart.

Pretty neat game everything controls great. Enjoy the game and have fun!!!