Truck loader 4 is free online car game developed by Addicting Games. Truck Loader 4, like its predecessors, is a 2D scroll game which means that motion options are restricted to left, right, up and down while hunting down those elusive boxes that need packing. The player directs the tractor across the level where the tractor uses its hinged arm with a horse-shoe magnet attached at the end to lift and carry the boxes across the level to a waiting truck and carefully arrange them in the back so that each green space is taken up by a box. Kind of like tetris. The level design isn’t as simple as moving left and right. There are a few cargo lifts to get you up or down when needed and explosive boxes to clear obstacles in your way.

truck loader 3

Truck Loader 4 Levels And More Fun

The game has a number of levels. The first two are basically for practice and the rest feel like the same thing all over again. With each level you have to collect a different number of boxes and sometimes fill them into two separate trucks. Boxes drop from different locations and sometimes the truck is placed in locations that can only be explained as awkward. The are only so many different places to put the truck so the levels become repetitive. The developers could have added some other obstacles such as blocked paths or tacks that blow the tractor’s wheels but they chose to keep it simple. The simplicity of it means that the game gets boring after the first few levels and the only thing to keep players going is a race against the clock which would have been made much more of a challenge if the clock ran backwards. The faster the player completes the level, the higher the score and while this may seem simple at first, the tractor handles like someone put moonshine in its gas tank. It’s almost sad then the tractor falls over onto its back and spasms as it tries to get back up. The magnetic arm is unnecessarily floppy- it moves like a snake with a knee-joint. Perhaps making it uncooperative to the player’s demands was the only way to make it any kind of a challenge. Truck Loader 4’s simple game-play is forgivable but its soundtrack isn’t. It sounds like a mash-up between an arcade game and a sci-fi movie theme-song. I just wish that the developers had stuck with one theme.

Truck Loader 1-2-3-4 Games

Truck Loader 4 makes for a dull game. It may have been designed as a mind number so that players don’t realize when aliens home in on their IPs and perform lobotomies to take away the large chunks of brain that aren’t required to play this game. It may be something to fill the time but it’s never going to be the kind of game that people rush home to play. A child could play it. A child could play it well. The only time an adult would play this is while waiting for that last 2% of a download to finish. However it would make a great simulator for people training to be forklift operators.